Oct 13, 2010

Mineshafter updates

If you don't know what Mineshafter is, then go look or stop reading this post.
Since it's gone up I've changed a few bits of code to fix some bugs on the server side, and been working on a new proxy for the client side.
Keep in mind, the only thing I've ever written in Java before was a "Hello world!", but so far the new proxy seems to be working well.

For the client version, just download it and run it. Doesn't matter where; it uses the latest launcher from minecraft.net.

For the server version, you'll need to make sure that the proxy is in the same directory as the minecraft_server.jar file. If you have a mod that you want to run with it, then use mineshafter-server.jar <mod.jar>.

Bugs, responses, hate mail, etc, can all be left in the comments or sent to my email address which is on the Mineshafter page.


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  2. Okay so i start the proxy program and login and it says "Login Failed" i click try again and again an did try over and over but does not work. I need help. i am running it on my mac, and should i have the minecraft.net download client open or just the proxy program and login. because my login is not premium and it won't let me login! :(

  3. I downloaded the proxy server port forwarded and did every thing on the youtube video but when I start the server and put in my ip and the port it still says user non premium. I use 1.5_01 HELP

  4. how do i install a mod on mineshafter


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