Oct 7, 2010

Fun with Google App Engine

Recently I've discovered the joy of coding web apps in Python, and the (arguably) greater joy of finding a free hosting service that's fairly reliable.
I refer, of course, to Google App Engine.
While some of my attempts at writing apps have failed miserably (for reasons too involved to get into here), others have come out a great success.
Here are a few of the GAE services I have written so far:

Mineshafter, a Minecraft online service replacement.

Treador, a personal torrent RSS service with a simple bookmarklet for adding torrents from any site.

Trollr grabs the latest videos from a bunch of youporn-like streaming sites and shows them all in one place. Also automatically grabs direct download links for you.

I have a few others as well, but they are not done yet.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this platform, they can go here.
That's a link to the Python section, which I really do advise that you use, as opposed to the Java section, for which I advise that you gouge your eyes out before viewing.

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